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Hey everybody! I am really excited to announce that I am working on a book:


It’s going to be a collection of the best essays from this website, heavily revised, along with whole new essays keeping in the same blog-style format. Topics include gender, queer studies, intersectional feminism, trans phenomenology, gender critical feminism, the psychology of gender, and much more!

In order to afford the publishing and marketing costs, please consider supporting me on Patreon with $5/month. Not only will this help me get my book to a wider audience, it will support me in writing more content for this site! If you appreciate what I do here on Transphilosopher, becoming a Patron is the best way to support me as a writer.

Thank you so much to all my readers for supporting trans philosophy!

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Aspirations for Social Media Success – Silly? Vain? Delusional?

My current goal in life is to make money from being a “professional internet content creator”. Either from blogging, vlogging, writing a column, or something I just aspire to create content that connects to a wide audience and somehow make money from it. For the past year I have been blogging over at tumblr as well as a few other places but mainly doing my writing on tumblr. I occasionally post on twitter as well. I have recently started posting on instagram and I’ve just recently started a youtube channel.  It is so frustrating to see content you spent time making and for it to have just a few hits. But that’s normal when first starting out – I can’t delude myself – it takes hard work and time. I have aspirations of wide recognition such that I am consulted for trans projects e.g. Jen Richards is one of my heroines – she is brilliant and I see her being involved in a lot of trans-related projects. I want to be that person. I want to be a “trans public intellectual”. Someone who is called upon to write op-eds on controversial trans-related issues or be interviewed for documentaries or news stories, etc. Someone who can apply their philosophical training to bear on gender issues in a way that is easily understandable.

But sometimes I just feel despair at this goal. Is it silly? Vain? Delusional? Narcissistic? Wanting to be “well known”? Is there something wrong in that pursuit? I dunno. But it tears at me. I simultaneously feel compelled to do it because I genuinely love blogging – it’s something I just DO in my spare time – but I also feel downright delusional in my goal. Why me? Who cares what little ole me has to say? But now that I am trying to “professionalize” my blogging – I seem so close yet so far. And self-marketing is hard because you don’t want to sound desperate for attention. And sometimes I feel vain because of the fact that some of my youtube videos focus on beauty and makeup, not just trans issues.

I apologize this post is rambling and non-sensical. I’m just trying to get some thoughts off my chest. I am about to make a monumental change in my career path, something I will be posting about in the next few weeks.

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