Look, there are many kinds of crossdressers.

Some CDs do it for purely sexual reasons because it’s arousing.

Some CDs are “sissies” who use their CDing to satisfy a sexual kink.

Some CDs do it to express their inner feminine selves – for them it’s not arousing at all and more of a way to be comfortable in their femininity. These CDs are almost like bigender or genderfluid and use CDing to express a “second self”.

Some CDs are crossdreamers who fantasize about transitioning.

Some CDs are mixtures of each category.

Some CDs can’t be pigeonholed into a category at all.

From each group of CDs it is possible for their feelings and desires to change as they get older such that they later end up on HRT and socially transition.People grow and change as they get older. Desires change. Opportunities change. Brains change. There is greater awareness now that medical transition is an option for trans women of any age. Sometimes it can take decades to figure all this gender stuff out. There is no one single trans narrative.

Don’t assume that just because someone has a history of CDing that they can’t later on transition and assume a binary trans female identity. Their journey of gender exploration is just a valid as Jazz Jennings or anyone else. Stop the judgment. Stop the holier-than-thou trans olympics of whose more transy than everyone else. Stop putting people into hierarchies. Don’t assume. Don’t judge. Accept. Empathize. Everyone is different.


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3 responses to “Crossdressers

  1. Perfectly said. I was just thinking about this the other day as I read a comment from a transgender lady that crossdressers are not transgender. Why do we all feel the need to be superior to another group. I have been on hormones for about 15 years. I am not sure what specific group that I fit in, I am just a person. I don’t really care what category anyone else fits in, I enjoy learning about everyone’s journey. it is fascinating and I feel great when people are comfortable enough to tell me about they past and their dreams.


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  3. Well said, Rachel. I find your blog helpful and thought-provoking.


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