How I Cope With Misgendering


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2 responses to “How I Cope With Misgendering

  1. Hello, I was wondering how your laser hair removal went (or going)?
    I have been on hrt for almost a year and had an orchiectomy in later February.
    I am still not out and have been following you for sometime. I love your blog and I am learning from it. I am not a young person but an older (52) person with a lot of old attitudes to overcome. So I look for blogs like yours to see how others do it.
    I am meeting my daughters this Friday to come out to them. Scared to death.
    Anyhow, I think your doing a super great and I wish to be like you one day!!


    • transphilosopher

      Hi Ronni! I have had 8 laser hair removal sessions. I was lucky in that I had fair skin and darker hairs so laser was ideal for me. As far as its success, it has given me more confidence than even HRT! I still have to shave everytime I shower in order to have a smooth canvas to apply makeup but it has helped tremendously with the dark “shadow” I once had (which was really bad). Now I can go without shaving for 24-48 hours and it doesn’t *look* like I have a beard though it is still scratchy to the touch. Since you are older you’re facial hair might be graying so laser would not be an option since it only works on dark hair and light skin.

      Good luck with your transition and I hope meeting your daughters goes well.

      All the best,



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